Tradesmen Professional Lighter


Matrix by Lotus

  • 3 angled torches for powerful precision point
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Spring tension lid
  • Large fuel window
  • Fold out 9mm punch

****Not Available Outside the U.S.

Earn up to 1 seniority points.


You know the feeling when you pick up a tool and you can tell right away that it is high quality? It just feels good in your hands and you know it’s made for professionals? That is this lighter. Made by Lotus, the Matrix has three torches that are angled toward each other for a precise but powerful flame. The flip lid is under spring tension and operates so smoothly. It also has a fold out 9mm punch that you can use instead of a cutter if you like. This is a heavy duty lighter that will make even the most expert cigar lovers happy. The black is rubberized metal and the brown is slick metallic.

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Rubberized Black, Metallic Brown