Cigar Shipments to The United Kingdom.

NOTE:  Due to new Ireland regulations, we are no longer processing orders from Ireland until further notice.

Most US based cigar retailers will not ship products to the UK due to the complexity, legal requirements, cost and additional overhead associated with developing and managing the entire process. Tradesmen Cigar is committed to our customers and we want to give you the opportunity to purchase and enjoy your Tradesmen Cigars and products. We hope our Great Britain, Scotland, Wales,  customers enjoy their cigars. The below information is required to be reviewed and acknowledged to complete your order.  

You will also receive an email from us requesting you confirm your order prior to Tradesmen Cigar shipping the order.

Below are estimated costs for purchases with USPS First Class shipping, HMRC taxes and fees as of November 15, 2021. All UK fees and amounts are approximate and have been converted into US Dollars as of 1 October 2020.  Your specific costs may vary.

Estimated Costs – In US Dollars $

3-Cigar Tradesmen Sampler $24.71 $20.00 $30.00 $23.29 $12.85
10-Cigar Sampler $74.66 $30.00 $75.00 $58.67 $12.85
One Box of 20 Masters $178.20 $40.00 $150.00 $146.31 $12.85

Paid at time of Purchase
Paid at time of Pickup at customers local UK Royal Post Office (Approximate costs)

United Kingdom Customs

NOTE:  Due to new Ireland regulations, we are no longer processing orders from Ireland until further notice.

Tradesmen Cigar will comply with all customs declaration documentation laws for tobacco shipments from the US to the UK and Ireland. Tradesmen Cigar will not misstate or under-declare the contents or value of any package. Any customs duties, taxes, and all affiliated fees imposed by Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC) offices must be paid by the recipient, you the buyer.

Tradesmen Cigar will record the quantity and actual cost and NET weight of the cigars in your shipment on the customs form since HMRC calculates duties and taxes based on the weight of cigar tobacco and not quantity of cigars. This extra step will record the accurate weight for the HMRC officials to properly calculate any excise taxes based on the total cigar weight and not the weight of any wooden boxes or packing material. Additionally, Tradesmen Cigar will include a detailed packing sheet inside the package as well one in a shipping envelop affixed to the outside of your shipment; these additional steps may reduce your fees and may prevent or reduce the time the package is held in customs for inspection.

2020 UK Custom Fees Increase

The United Kingdom HMRC have substantially increased the Import Tax  to 26%, VAT to 20% and recently imposed an additional 50% Tariff on the cost of all tobacco products.  These fees are in addition to the Excise tax of $0.39 per gram of tobacco and the $12.85 Royal Post handling charge.

Please review the table below for a breakdown on typical cigar orders prior to placing an order.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

First Class USPS Typically transit time is between 14-30 days from Tradesmen Cigar. First Class provides basic tracking services which you will automatically receive via email upon shipment of your order from Tradesmen Cigar.

  • Cost for First Class USPS ranges from $20.00 – $40.00 USD dependent upon items and quantities ordered. If you would like to order larger quantities, please email at
  • Free shipping offers or codes do not apply for international orders
  • All tobacco is subject to inspection by UK Customs which most likely add time to the shipping time.
  • We do not offer International Priority USPS due to the fact UK Customs will most likely hold the package for review. The Customs hold negates any speed USPS Priority service would provide.

Tradesmen Cigar does not make any profit from shipping. We have researched all available shipping options and USPS offers the best combination of service and price.

Proper Humidity While in Shipment

All Samplers and 5-packs of cigars will be shipped with Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control packs which will last long after your order arrives at your UK or Ireland address, you will continue to take advantage of the self-regulating 69% humidity control properties for months after your product arrives. Be assured your cigars will be shipped and packaged to the highest quality possible. Tradesmen Cigar uses the highest quality humidity control available on the market today in all shipments. Go to to learn more.

Lost Shipments

Upon confirmation of acceptance by the USPS, Tradesmen Cigar relinquishes control and responsibility of your order. Tradesmen Cigar will do its best to assist in the tracking and recovery of your order if on rare occasion it is lost or destroyed in transit. However, your order is being shipped FOB Shipping Point and legal ownership of your order transfers to you, the buyer upon acceptance by the USPS. Tradesmen Cigar will not replace any lost shipments. Tradesmen Cigar will assist in tracking and submission of documentation for insurance purposes to ultimately replace any lost or destroyed shipment.

Tobacco importations into the UK for personal use may eligible for a refund of the duty paid. Form TP7 must be submitted to HMRC.

For more information about UK cigar customs and duty requirements go to